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26 March 2007 @ 06:46 pm
sb_lims Challenge #12 - Final challenge  
Welcome to the final challenge, misstress_tink and organza!

I'm going to assume you know the rules by now (100x100, 40KB, new icons only, do not post icons anywhere until voting is over, post both image and url) so I'll skip right to the challenge.

You will be making three icons, one for each part. :) Your icons will be judged as a set in the voting.

Part 1: Caps (pick one)
Syd 4x12, The Orphan

Part 2: Theme
You may interpret it any way you wish. :)

Part 3: Your choice
Like it says, third icon is completely your choice. :)

Remember that Sydney has to be in all icons. :) There can be other people, but Syd should be clearly visible.
The deadline is Tuesday April 3rd in the afternoon GMT+2.